To the Shame of Norway, Barnevernet Strikes Back!

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Steven Bennett (photo) is an English teacher from London who is a vocal supporter of the Bodnariu cause. He brings us shocking news about what Barnevernet has planned for April 16th, the international day of protest against this diabolical system. Steven writes:

“Many parents are now being given visitation dates by the CPS to see their children/loved ones on Saturday 16 April, knowing that the parents will choose seeing their children over going to one of the protests in Norway. One Barnevernet employee made a comment to one mother, “well, we will see how many will participate on this day, when so many of you will have visitations.

Despite them trying to silence the families, Barnevernet will not be able to stop the world from protesting! Steven continues to write:

“A friend of mine took the bus today from Oslo to Hemsedal. Next to him was a very pleasant man from Poland, who is a resident of Førde. This is not too far from where the Bodnariu children were taken from their parents.

He had just returned from Poland where he had visited the two youngest of his four children. His two oldest children still live in Førde.

My friend asked him the reason why his two youngest children don’t live with him now in Norway. The Polish man told him it was because the local CPS, Barnevernet took his youngest children through an emergency decision, but he won them back in a county court decision after four months of separation.

The two youngest children now live with relatives in Poland, because it’s far too dangerous for him to raise his children in Norway – the risks of losing them for trivial reasons are just far too high. This man was one of the fortunate ones, sadly, many others, are not so fortunate.

The biological principle was meant to be the guiding and determining factor in child welfare law, yet in Norway today, we see this principle trampled firmly down in the mud and ignored.

For example, a mother and her little daughter are being assessed by psychologists and social workers, who are building a case over a few hours of video tape. Can you image the pressure the mother and her poor child are under? The ‘experts’ checking the vital contact between mother and daughter, concluding afterwards, that the emotional bond, lack of eye contact etc. are good enough reasons of robbing this precious innocent child of her mother. They are not interested in the competence of a tired mum or the irrevocable damage this will cause to her daughter and the pain and hurt this will cause to both of them. They don’t care that the child will be raised with a complete stranger, and the contact between grandparents and relatives will be two or three hours, three times a year, if they are lucky.

In the past, child welfare educators, psychologists, psychiatrists and judges, recognised the biological principle as the most ethical and moral direction to go in, as this was seen as the ‘best interest for the child.’ In Norway today, sadly, there is currently little interest in going in this direction. The moral ground has been taken away, and the best interest of the child has been replaced with the best interest of the ‘Norwegian CPS system.’

You can place children with complete strangers which will provide an instrument of care, but they will never receive motherly/paternal love, no grandfather will see them, other than a fleeting moment (no hugging) at one of the three two hour visits a year, if they are lucky. Norway’s CPS doesn’t take into the slightest regard the great love, the huge bond, the biological connection, between father and child.

Countless children are managing to escape from foster care and institutions, finding their way back home to mum and dad, only to be swept away again with police assistance. They still try again.

If anyone remembers a British television series in the late 60’s called ‘The Prisoner,’ starring Patrick McGoohan, you will notice eerily similar patterns to events in today’s Norway. In the series, those abducted do not have names; instead, they are given a number. Number two has to monitor number six (protagonist) and make sure he doesn’t escape. A major theme of the series is individualism, as represented by number six, versus collectivism, as represented by number two and the others in the Village.

Ignoring the biological principle in Norway is destroying thousands of children’s lives, tormenting and devastating parents in the process – just because of poor eye contact, sleeping patterns, food habits or some other trivial thing. Barnevernet, Norway’s CPS has completely ruined the child welfare system by making the biological principle invalid.

Do you hear the cries of the children in Norway? Can you feel the torment, fear and anxiety that Norway’s CPS puts healthy families through? It’s a reality and if you do hear those cries, please make sure you make a stand and turn up at a protest in your area.

Please support the persecuted families in Norway and support those who can’t be there because of visitations, fear, or reprisals.”

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Cuvânt și Iubire

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