Barnevernet Resorting to Intimidation

27 Apr 2016 by admin, Comments Off on Barnevernet Resorting to Intimidation

Delight in Truth has received multiple private messages on Facebook from different persons who were targeted by Barnevernet without having done anything wrong. Some were harassed because they spoke out against the CPS on their social media accounts, others were targeted because they are a single parent, while others had their children removed for the simple fact that they themselves were raised in Barnevernet part of their life. Some of these people had their children removed temporarily, while others have yet to receive their children back.

After Barnevernet starts to investigate them, these critics go silent because they have young children they must protect or recuperate. A pastor in Norway was frank about the reason he would not participate in the anti-CPS demonstration when he said he must fly under the CPS radar because has a young son at home.

I can attest that what Steven Bennett writes below is true:

“Norwegian authorities are now implementing intimidation tactics on its own population. For instance, if you are someone who supports the reunification of the Bodnariu family and the 1000’s of other innocent children unfairly taken from their parents in Norway, and you publicise this on blogs or Facebook, for example, you are then categorised as an activist and put on a ‘watch list.’

Once you are classified as an activist, and you have children under 18 years of age, investigations into the family and interviews with your children (in some cases, your children will be taken away without notice for a few hours of interrogation) are sadly not uncommon at the moment. It’s pretty terrifying.

To make matters worse, if someone does criticise Norway’s CPS, the blinded and brainwashed majority of the population will think there’s probably something wrong with that person – their conditioning has led them to believe that – they think that those that criticise barnevernet, must have something to hide. It’s an illusion, but many people in the attempt to support their beliefs will find something wrong with a particular person and then go no further, that’s enough, so they switch off the brain, and there’s no more thinking to do.”

Margaret Hennum writes: “I joined the demonstration in Stryn the 16th of April, and we were told by Tor Åge Berlid, who organized the demonstration, that people had told him that they did not dare to take part because of threats from barnevernet.

George Alexander wrote in a post that the Bodnariu case was the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.” He is right with respect to the international opinion about Norway. But we still have ways to go in order to reach a critical mass of Norwegians before this system is overhauled.

When will this happen? Hard to say. However, we can say that international AND domestic pressure continue to rise against Norway every day. Social media (and now some mainstream media as well) has been instrumental in growing this movement.

I would hate to be in the shoes of Barnevernet bosses Horne and Terning right now.

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Cuvânt și Iubire

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