,,10 Things I Hate About Norway”

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Traveling to Norway can hardly be a bad experience; after all, this beautiful country is renowned for its magnificent scenery, its blue fjords and rocky wilderness across its green landscape. There are many things I love about Norway. However, there are also people who share some pretty dismal travel stories of Norway and I found that I can actually identify with a lot of them. Let me see, the 10 things I hate about Norway are:

  1.   1.The bureaucracy! I hate the way if you do decide to settle in Norway, you have to wait an eternity to get a loan for an apartment or house. They have their own credit worthy rating and by the time your loan is approved, let me tell you, you will no longer want it as you will probably be ready for a retirement home by then.
  2. It’s really expensive. What I hate about Norway is that whatever exorbitant prices you have heard about in Norway, it is absolutely true, and you pay tax on everything.
  3. I keep hearing that people of Norway think they are a cut above the rest of the world, and holds their noses pretty high up in the air. Not sure I can completely disagree with that. Criticizing them is one of the 10 things you should not do in Norway.
  4. I hate the fact that the Norwegians take their well-to-do lifestyles for granted. Things can get pretty lazy for some Norwegians when it comes to student life – and they know that even if they end up doing nothing, it doesn’t matter because they get money from the generous welfare system, misusing public funds and making no effort. Norway more or less helps those people be lazy.
  5. I love taking vitamins; the food we eat is highly processed these days and no longer has much goodness in it, and I feel the need for supplementation, but apart from ridiculous prices that make this impossible in Norway, high-dose vitamins require a prescription. Ugh! Can you believe anything so ridiculous as having to go the doctor so you can get good quality vitamins?
  6. I hate the fact that Norway, just like Denmark and Sweden, has a comparatively high number of incidents involving bestiality. Uncouth and demonic; that is what I call people who indulge in such behavior.
  7. I hate Norway for having such a soft stance against criminals. Norwegians have to abide by fewer laws than many other countries in the first place, and for rape and murder, you can go to Bastoy prison island in Norway and live a cushy and luxurious life there.
  8. I can’t stand the way the Norwegians blame the weather for their being miserable, whiny and depressed much of the time. What kind of lives do they live that they actually let the weather dictate their feelings? Get a daylight lamp for light therapy and some vitamin D (well, try to – see above, ha!) and get over the bad weather!
  9. Speaking of the weather, its true that while you can’t let it influence your moods, it rains a lot and is cold, and coming from a sunny, sport loving country, this is the pits.
  10. This country’s annual whale hunt (in my opinion, a barbaric tradition) is both cruel and unnecessary, but a bunch of greedy and mindless people are – to this day – good at defying regulations and don’t mind hearing that some whale species are nearing extinction.

Sursa: http://goscandinavia.about.com/od/norwa1/qt/10-Things-I-Hate-About-Norway.htm

De citit și http://www.marianagurza.ro/blog/2016/02/28/octavian-d-curpas-with-barnevernet-norway-is-going-south/




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Cuvânt și Iubire

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